Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Arrived yesterday at 10am after a uneventful, turbulence-free flight in business class, without a wink of sleep.  Who knows why, I had intentions of getting at least 4 hours. So after getting to the hotel I took what was going to be a short nap at can guess the rest: I woke at around 1am and lay there contemplating how quiet urban Roma is compared to LA.

I did manage to choke down some excellent calamari fritti and pizza before succumbing though. 

Today it's over to the coast to join the ship. 



  1. I can never sleep on a flight. Looking forward to your updates.

  2. That sounds lovely. Can't wait to hear more tales from abroad.

  3. What a great looking man! (That was SWMBO who came in while I was gazing at the pizza!) Keep your travel reports coming.

  4. Mike, you appear to be holding up quite well. Best wishes in your journey.

  5. I have trouble sleeping on planes. I have no idea why though. That pizza looks so good right now.