Thursday, October 22, 2020

Update of sorts

Still in the South Seattle area, still unsymptomatic of the virus, still going slightly crazy (but who can tell that from the norm). Voted already, nothing else new. =Tonight is chili....ground beef, lots of garlic, some thai garlic-chilie sauce, beans, slasa, seasonings.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Dinner tonight

All is well with me, at least for a 74 year old (don't start, Bruce). Tonight I made a relatively traditional English sheperd's pie, substituting small chunks of carrots for peas.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What they are eating in Danang, Vietnam

My friend who's been living there since October, sent me these picture of recent meals at a local restaurant. Until the recent case of covid, Danang has had no cases for a couple months.

As a country, Vietnam has a population of just under a third of the US. They have had fewer than 500 cases out of their 93 million people. And zero deaths. No wonder my friend is in no hurry to return.

Anyway, here are three seafood dinners. To me, they all look delicious. The huge shrimp have a sauce of garlic, butter and sweet chili. Not sure what the oysters have, but it looks excellent to me.

Hope all are well. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Just because I haven't posted in a bit

Things are still ok here in the Mulligan household, we were tested two weeks ago because of a possible contact. The results were all negative, though it took 12 days to get results. Not helpful if one is trying to curb contacts.

Anyway, a few random pictures.  First, Emily's fish tacos. As good as they look

Henry being socially distant, hiking with his wife in the Cascades

Fiona being socially safe

Fond memories of dining out, Sand Dabs at Vito's in Santa Monica

The marketplatz in Bad Kissingen, sent by a friend there. Deserted thanks to the virus

I've been occupying my afternoons and evening watching some old BBC and US 'mini-series' I'd forgotten about,it's like seeing them for the first time. Also some I didn't know that had been made. I watched the two adaptations of John LeCarre's "Tinker Tailor..", and "Smiley's People". Both Excellent. Also I found a miniseries of "Little Drummer Girl"  that I was unaware of...from the US I watched 'Shogun", found it stood up well all these years later. Toshihiro Mifune is excellent. 

Will try to overcome inertia and post more often. Hope all are well.