Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Back to the Future

I've now seen over 50 new years mornings as an adult, and am finally willing to admit I may never make it to the Bigs. I am/was a decent fielder, but my curve is not impressive to most little league hitters. And the NBA is probably out too, while I have/had a good jump shot, as my college coach said "You don't have the speed to make it in the (then) PAC8, and you're too short".

That really hurt to finally say.

Anyway, had a great Christmas with the fam. The 3 year old granddaughter got to play in the smattering of snow Seattle got before it melted.

She even built a snowman. 

Now it's the Rose Bowl, in which my beloved Ducks are not playing, but I'll manage to root for Stanford. 

Hope you all have a interesting New Year.