Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday trip to the river

I drove a half hour to the Big Hole river yesterday, hadn't been in a couple weeks. No thoughts of fishing, breaking ice out of my fly rod guides was unappealing. I just wanted to see if winter had started to settle in to the river.

Ice is forming along the shore, in a couple weeks it probably will be across the river. The picture does not show it well, but there is drift ice floating in the open water. 

On the way back along a frontage road a small herd of antelope were grazing the brown range grass.

Not much snow yet, but it'll come, rest assured. 

Tomorrow I start preparations for the combination Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, after all the next time the two coincide will be in 80,000 years, and I might not be around. My buddy the cook down the street and I are having it together, first time in a couple years, it used to be an annual event. This year we're doing duck, I'm going to start brining two of them tomorrow, on Wednesday I'll deliver them to him for smoking, then Thursday we'll probably try pressing one of them for a Chinese style, the other will be slow baked.

Enjoy your holiday. 


  1. Beautiful photos, Mike, especially of the Big Hole.

    Hope you'll enjoy your holiday, too.

  2. Beautiful photo of one of my all time favorite rivers. When my eldest son was doing graduate work at MSU in Bozeman we often fished it when I was visiting. Caught and released my only grayling ever there one time...:)

  3. Lovely. It's hard for me to imagine a river being completely iced over.