Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just stuff, errata, thoughts

I read a comment recently that started me thinking.......actually it's something I've seen before,  but I was surprised by the source.

So I thought about similar advice, in the same vein. The comment is somewhere in the 'advice' below.

1. You're being bullied in school.
     Advise: Don't go to school.
                  Don't do what you are doing at school, it set's off someone.
                  Maybe they want money, carry a 5 dollar bill.
                  Ignore them, it'll go away.

2. My child is autistic, they get hit by the neighborhood kids because they stutter.
       Advise:  Keep them in the house.
                     Teach them how to keep their mouth shut
                     Ignore them, it'll go away

3.  My child complains that someone on the bus stares at her, and makes rude comments about her skirt being short.
        Advise:   Tell her to wear ankle-length skirts
                       She shouldn't be wearing anything that shows any legs, make her wear pants.
                       Ignore it, it'll go away.

4.  I'm with my child, she's 13, in a mall. We walk by somebody who say's "I'll tap that" to somebody next to him, indicating my girl, I walk over to him. I say "It's gonna get real western in here soon, pal."
       Advise:    I should have just smiled and nodded.
                       I should have turned to my girl and reprimanded her for provoking the gentleman
                      A gentle nudge with a shoe to the genital region would be sufficient. 

5.  A woman is being, quote, "Ogled", and when she, or someone else complained, it was said: "If she doesn't like being ogled she should wear a burka". End quote.......Ok.....
      Advise:     Wear a burka
                       Don't leave the house otherwise
                       Comment, suggesting it was in bad taste, and someone deletes your comments
                       Say it to one of my girls, and take your chances......

Actually, the last one has a lot of supporters. A lot, the Taliban, Al Queda, various Islamic militant groups, the Tea Party in their wildest dreams, most of the current GOP.

Y'know, I've thought about blogs a bit lately........there are some out there that propose various agendas, philosophies, and the one's that are interesting are the one's who have people, in the comments, who go 'wait a minute here....", "no, you're wrong...." and "oh for pete's sake......", not the one's who just validate what you say, and support you for reasons unclear. Those are boring.

It's like life, who liked 'yes' men around them, I like people who think for themselves, and speak their mind, truth to power. My wife wouldn't have it any other way, though she's been gone 20 years now.

We're about, in the next two months, to decide whether or not we're going to continue to have a democracy, or something else.

Let's decide wisely.


  1. Is this a multiple choice test? Looks like four of the five are missing a key alternate answer. Or were we to write in our answers? Ignoring a problem might work the first time, provided you take notes and learn from the encounter, but after that - with me, at least - all bets are off.

    Loved the response in number 4. Along the lines of The Virginian's response to being called a son of a bitch. Yep, that was good!

    1. Hey Martha
      You can do whatever you want, this came after an evening where I was testy about something.

    2. I knew it wasn't a test, was razzin' you. There is much to be testy about nowadays, unfortunately.

  2. Yeah, the blame the victim shyte. I'm sick of it.

    I took back the night in Toronto where I lived and the cops, the cops, would stop me and tell me it wasn't safe to be a woman at midnight in the city and I said to them: don't stop me then, catch the bad guys, OK?


    1. It's still in widespread use though.....Glad you did that, kudo's.

  3. Reminded me of my 4th grader being bullied by a 7th grader on the bus. I advised him to hit him with all his might and hope the bus driver intervened. I did know the principal now. This truth telling bit has cost me some relationships but including a brother but so be it.

    1. Hey TB....
      I've enjoyed your recent posts, TR was quite a guy, eh? A man of his times, and did great things.

  4. I can't see how ignoring problems helps and I sure don't see how it makes sense to place the blame on the victim.

    I don't know about agenda-driven blogs. My own preference is to offer a contrasting opinion, if I don't agree, but nicely. I don't need everyone to agree with me, but I expect people not to get ugly. Then again, I don't have a very controversial blog.