Sunday, June 12, 2016

"It's just another Sunday night, and I ain't got nobody..."

The headlines, as I read them 4:35pm Montana time, all call it the 'worst'. As to size, in the world arena, we're still behind several countries, noticeably behind The Bataclan in Paris, and the one at the children's camp in the Scandinavian countries. We're not the 'biggest'. No doubt, we'll reach that goal with room to spare.

Lot's of issues are coming into the light: homophobia, the recently claimed oath to isis, therefore religion. Or he was just a plain loony, with the ability, like all of us, to head out to the nearest dealer, whether it WalMart, Fred Meyers, wherever, to pick up a AR15, some ammo, and head out to do our thing.There are few methods that claim to have a solution. None that we have tried have resulted in more than a few statistical points of fewer deaths. What does? Fewer guns. Many, many fewer guns.As evidence I offer every other third world country.

I have heard, ad nausea, the reasons that gun laws don't work. I suppose they are mass mailed by the NRA, who represent the gun manufactures, who have the most powerful lobby in the nation. I say this because most spout exactly the same reasons:  only criminals will have guns, on and effing on. heard every damn one, don't bother with another.

One imaginations the celebrations at the various clubs the NRA frequent:    the manufacturers who happen to make AR15's to be buying rounds for those comany who don't. When his shit happens salse of the gun used skyrockests.. Yes indeed. Is there a flicker of doubt in any of these men's minds tonight, as they reflect on how much their bonus will be due to 50 (so far) people dead at the whim of their manufactured weapon. Maybe they can calculate, if they did down far enough, get enough local LEO data, to figure out how much each round increased their bonus! See kids, math is useful!

If i sound like an, or at least my version of a Angry White Old Man, yeah....I am.

I am tired of the path, we as a nation have taken, I am tired of our lack of memory of what immigration has done for this country, and why we are what we are. I am angry about our inability to understand what the constant, from our birth onward, the racism as absorbent as the rays of the sun, have done to influence us. I am tired of us, using media like this, to convince us that the problems with our begonias and lilacs, and the argument we had (buffed up for our blog,) are a matter of importance. And I am especially tired for our seem willingness to be attracted and follow a demagogue like the despicable Mr. Trump.

Yeah, yeah, I know there is nothing of significance we can do. It's just shit like this, some moron mowing down half a hundred people, when it can be prevented, pisses me off.

Those are those out there who think this can't be prevented. The problem of guns can't be solved. Fine, then let's just officially declare the issue done. Let's send out a federal memo to all victims of things like this.

From: Joint Commission, Senate and House of Representatives
To: Most recent relatives of victims of mass shootings.
cc: NRA

Dear Sir/Madam
We would like to join you in condolence for the recent loss of your father, , Brother, etc in the regrettable mass shooting at at your local Bar/Church/Picnic/BBQ/Neighborhood Block Gathering.
It is regrettable, along with the many thousands of other shooting victims, that his would fall to your family. But, as you realize no doubt, it is just the price of freedom we pay, for our precious Second Amendment.
enclosed: kit for fourth of july celebration

As a person who has actually been in combat for this sorry excuse for a country, and it's sorry-ass people who want to be it's leaders, I'm ashamed for you for letting this go on, and abating it by not involving your sorry asses.

Mike Mulligan


  1. I'm with you. I think it is going to keep on happening. As one of the millions who work in an accessible public building, it's something I'm always aware of. Here's a question for youL. I had a friend a long time ago who served in Vietnam. His name was Bob. He told me once, when he was describing an ambush in which most of his unit dies, that one mistake people make in this type of situation is that they hunker down or run away. He said you need to attack and run at the gunman. That it's the only chance. Maybe he meant to save the most lives, not necessarily your own. I was 20. Bob was like a Demi-God with all his life experience. I never clarified. What do you think?