Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Closet Trump Supporters or Hillary-phobes, Please Speak Up

One constant complaint I read and hear about Hillary Clinton from Trump supporters is that she is 'dishonest' and 'untrustworthy'.

My puzzlement and question is this: How can a Trump supporter call anyone else 'dishonest' with a straight face?  Trump, in almost every speech, Tweet or whatever lies. He makes claims that are totally untrue. He says things that have no basis in fact. Pretty much the definition of a lie, right?

His latest, which by now is probably been topped by something else is about Saddam Hussein's reign in Iraq. And when questioned about it he either shrugs and changes the subject, or actually once said "I don't have time to check facts". And that's a fact.

So if you're out there, please tell me. How can you support Trump on one hand, and think of Clinton as a liar and dishonest, when your candidate is the very embodiment of both terms.



  1. It's little wonder people think Hillary is untrustworthy since for decades the Republicans have been spending millions of taxpayer dollars to defame the Clinton's, with very little success.

  2. Mike, I fear the operative verb here is "think". Your Trump supporter may "think" Clinton is untrustworthy but the opinion comes from a series of irritable mental gestures that only feel like thought to the sufferer.

  3. Thanks for the link to your blog. I don't get it either. How do they criticize her with a straight face??

  4. Seriously.

    I'm also getting tired of the disappointed Bernie fans that are saying they won't vote for Hillary. I liked Sanders, too, but I'm not going to sit home on election day like a whiny baby and help Trump get elected. Jesus.

  5. Your question highlights one of the great inconsistencies. Further how can republicans begin to circle around and now embrace the man they despised and castigated in the primary season. I read a recent piece where the writer Neal Moore asks the same of Christian leaders. How can they support Trump?

  6. The one does not necessarily negate the other. It seems both are guilty of the same thing, to one degree or another. Hilary's had more time in the political arena than Trump; has polished her act better than he has. How can she not appear to be the better candidate compared to The Donald?

    I won't vote for either of them.

  7. The pot is always calling the kettle black...