Sunday, May 7, 2017

From my eldest's facebook

Really, Republicans? You want to piss HER off? Take away her access to healthcare, you're going to be the first up against a wall someday.


  1. My son had a surgically-corrected Chiari malformation when he was a toddler. He doesn't deserve health care? This makes me livid.

  2. Rex Huppke of the Chicago Tribune wrote the House plan is, "a big middle finger to anyone who needs help." I think it is heartless.
    Your grand is adorable! As my our first, now 15 months, continues to emerge as a little person I'm beginning to think grandchildren should be atop the list of wonders of the world.

  3. The Republican House healthcare bill, even though it stands no chance of ever becoming law in its present form, should be a wonderful gift to Democratic House candidates next year.

  4. Not a good idea to make that kid mad. Those happy eyes could also electrocute a threat at quite a distance.

    1. Over the 6 years, in his biography's, the one she's reminded me was Che.....

  5. Amazing the lack of understanding, empathy, intelligence, strategy...etc. that this Congress shows is amazing.