Sunday, March 22, 2020

A report of sorts from the epicenter.

So, I came over to Seattle from Montana in early October, frankly expecting to move on to whatever is next in the existence experience.

And what do I fucking get?? That I'm living in the, until recently, the main focus of the covid19. Currently New York is battling for first place.

I'm in a two bedroom apt south of Seattle, not too far from the airport. My youngest, Emily, lives here with her husband. They moved to a two bedroom to accommodate me. It's a large complex, probably at least 500 people live here, many, many 6 plex buildings. Neighbors are fine, seems pretty middle/lower class, lots of kids.

When this started, over a month ago, we started getting stuff, hand wipes, sanitizers, amazon-ordered rubbing alcohol and alo there a 'a' in alo? Aloe? Yeah, that's it. A digression, pardon.
Now, both my daughter and I have symptoms, fever in both cases, cough in hers. Her husband so far has none, we've endeavored to do all the precautions around him and with common articles handled.

So....y'know? This is not how I'd spend my twilight years. Pisses me off somewhat, but hey, that's my problem.

So, you all out there. Emily and I took every fucking precaution for the last three weeks we could think of: glove when shopping, wiping down the cart, wiping down everything that went into the cart, wiping the screens and keyboards of the self checkout. And yet, we probably have it. I'll know this coming week about my swab done on Friday. 

Stay home, trust no one. Lol.


  1. "Wotta revolutin' development!" To quote Chester Riley, AKA William Bendix.
    (Wow is that a generational artifact?!) Wishing to health...keep us posted.

  2. Aw, crap, Mike! I'm stunned to read this. I hope you and Emily have a very mild case, if any at all...and praying the Universe neither of you have it at all.

    Best wishes,

  3. Oh my gosh....Mike! What a fearful thing. I am sorry and hope you end up being negative. And if not, that you and your daughter recover easily. Sending you my very best wishes..

  4. This is not what I expected to see, Mike. So, when the swabs come back negative, order groceries on line, please. Thanks.

  5. Oh my, Mike. I am so sorry to read this. I hope they get the results come back quickly and that they are negative.

  6. This thing is so damn contagious. So hoping that you both get well soon and that we find better ways to handle coronavirus in the future.

  7. Glad you got tested.

    I have a runny nose, but I am positive that it is an allergy. Sue says that there is such a thing as snow mold when from what was under the snow for months.

  8. I send my best and most hopeful thoughts to all of you. Take good care, Mike.

  9. Think: Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine!

  10. I'm sorry to hear of your illness and hope you are improving by now.

  11. JFC Mike so sorry to read this. I've been in isolation for 29 days buts do worry about daughter on front lines. I have everything delivered, meds, groceries, no chances. But I've heard of cases like yours with no known contact points.

    I wish you and daughter wellness and health.