Thursday, May 26, 2016

Yet another in what must seem an endless Sen. Daines posts.

Today I got another mass emailing from the Republican Senator elected by the state of Montana in a fit of insanity. The email was rather vague, but implied we Montanans were all in favor of good business practices. This was odd, because usually it's all right wing, the President is a Muslim one hears, etc. This one was vague, struck me as a lead-in, something to prep your potential voters for.
In all my many emails to the good Senator, some detailed in my blog, I've received only one actual reply (in that one could actually reply to). So I sent her the following:

Ms. Miller
You've the only one who's responded to any email to the good Senator's office, so I'm replying to you rather than going through the laborious process of the Senator's web access.
A question...and I expect at best a nuanced reply, if not an outright denial, so here 'tis: Is the latest mass emailing a segue into why the good Senator is going to support, if not outright endorse, the GOP nominee Donald Trump. 
Man, what a discussion this must be back there. I bet some of you staffers are Trump supporters, some are realpolitik (ala Henry Kissinger)) who say it's the reality, some otherwise.
I'll be curious what the official position will be by Daines....say 'sure, we'd like a outright buffoon racist idiot for Prz, or some more perhaps nuanced approach.
So among you staffers on the hill, how's this time, fun? 
Should be an interesting time for us all, both sides of the fence.

Mike Mulligan 


  1. I am glad my senators don't have my email address, I'd hate to read what they'd mail out.

  2. You certainly put your money where your mouth is. Let us know.

  3. Yes, sardonic scribe, keep us posted.

  4. Let us know how this advances.

  5. This election season has seen popcorn sales shoot up around the world.