Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer evening just west of the continental divide in the Rocky Mts of Montana

Normally, 2 days out of 5, the view west towards my house looks like this:

Sometimes, weather intervenes. It's summer in the Rockies, when it might be the high 80's in the day, but down to the low 40's at night. This produces weather, the rising of the warm air to the cold of the above, the humidity. as little as it is, produces enough moisture to cause thunderstorms. 

An hour or so ago I was sitting on my porch, watching tourists walking by, looking worriedly at the sky. Alas, their fears were realized a few minutes later.   Second time today. It's now in the low 50's, low humidity, and I think I'll sleep fine tonight.

A nice dampening of my street. 



  1. Wish we could get some of those storms and rain (the sea breezes have been keeping the storms west of us)

  2. Let's hear it for decent dewpoints.

  3. Love that part of the world and miss it!

  4. We're finally getting some rain here. Maybe it'll lift the fire bans.

  5. It's raining here in Portland also. Strange for August.

  6. Nice photos Mike!
    Rain? I've heard about it, but don't recall experiencing it. I LOVE old houses (like those in the last photo) with big covered porches.