Friday, January 6, 2017

The Reader

It occur's to me I haven't posted a picture of the Adorable One lately.  A bit go I read a post, and damned if I can remember who wrote it, and can't find it, about how the little buggers can pass a cold along like a Montana to Rice pass.

She's in the first grade now.  How fast it goes.


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    1. She is, yes. But sweet like Catherine the Great was sweet, or Bodacia, from Roman Britain.

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    1. What I think she's reading about is an alternative approach to aortic repair, Geo.
      Marullo and colleagues have developed a promising technique that will be refined by her and her ilk.

  3. Childhood colds are how little bodies learn immunity, aren't they?

    She's lovely and obviously very intelligent.

    1. She's quite the kid, but what grandparent would not say the same....

    2. I remember my Adored One dragging home every bug. She lived in my house so couldn't avoid. The clincher was the headlice. Grandma with a head full of nits.

      But yeah she's a young woman now. A brilliant young woman.

      Love your photo.


  4. I knew a priest once who said he'd never caught any illness from the communion chalice, but had many times from children who spoke to him "with moisture."