Friday, January 27, 2017

Three things

An edit, in a paragraph I said 'your actions', I actually said 'our government's actions'. It's in #2.

1. My second email to trump:

'president' Trump:
Actually, I'm guessing this is read by a staffer at best, probably an unpaid intern. If so, Jesus, have some respect for yourself and get a real position with a person less despicable then trump. But here goes:

President Trump
My second email to you.  Your policies, enacted in your first week, disgust me. Particularly the one released today regarding changes in immigration and refugees. It is so unamerican  as to be beyond the pale of understanding.

I'm 71, and unlike you a veteran. I served in Vietnam, one wonders what you were doing to serve your country in 66-69. I was there two tours.

Your policies disgust me, especially on refugees. Ever hear of the Bermuda Conference (staffer or intern, look it up, it's enlightening. Happened during WW2)?  Bet you'd have been in favor of that, right? Keeping refugee Jews from being sent to the camps. That is exactly what happened. We had the opportunity to save at least 100,000 Jews.....but said no.

I am, for the first time, ashamed to be an American. Because of you. I'm ashamed that we have you to call 'President'.

2. I went to a local store today, I'm visiting in Seattle. A woman in full Hijab was outside, going in. I stopped her, and told her I'd like to apologise for our government's actions. Not on your behalf, trump, understand, but on mine.

3. (back to the email) I don't think you're all there. As in a couple bottles short of a six-pac, as we say in Montana. I think the 25th Amendment is in order.

Again, to the staffer or intern that may have gotten this far before hitting the 'delete' button, don't demean yourself by working for this sorry excuse of a man.

Mike Mulligan
Butte, MT


  1. I appreciate your sentiment and the fact you have some mercy on the reader, whoever he or see may be.

  2. I love your letters to T omitted on purpose...please keep sharing them. I, too, am ashamed to be an American.

  3. You did a particularly fine job here.

  4. It is so overwhelming, I pick a topic a day.

  5. Good one! I will be doing a lot of writing until it is no longer necessary. Better get a new keyboard.

  6. The trouble is we keep treating him like this is "normal." We have elected a man with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. No, I am not a psychiatrist or therapist, so I have absolutely no authentic authority or experience to state this, but I will take money on it. This disorder is pretty much incurable. Good luck to all his staffers and their ulcers.

  7. I can't put the word "president" with his name. I just can't. I'm in the "He's not MY president" camp.

  8. I call him 45. 45 in The House of Orange. Live ur letters. Love the fact your writing and yelling. The good fight. May it never stop. We're yelling in Canada too. I watch the Chomsky doc last night again. We're there.

  9. Great one Mike! I love it.
    Even if it is read, I'm sure they would deny that they every receive negative communications.