Saturday, April 22, 2017

Somewhere in the crowd...

Are my daughters, I'd like to be with them.

The were not alone, scientists across the globe participated, including a 97 year old Nobel Laureate, Eddie Fischer, 97, 1992 winner of Nobel prize in Medicine, as saying "Damn right I'm in this". 

Somewhere, someday, truth will out. People will stop believing everything that comes out of a demagogue's mouth, and discover critical thinking. We'll stop believing that skin color makes us different, that sex determines anything except who can bear a child. Someday. I won't be there, but some of you younger ones might. Maybe, just maybe. If you work harder and smarter than we did. 



  1. And they should be relentless in opposing racism, sexism, ethnocentrism and the inequality bred by the economic divide where so few control so much wealth. But perhaps most importantly they need to know history and have the capacity to reason so as to establish and affirm values of human dignity and freedom.

  2. Unfortunately it takes many generations to rid society of a bad idea. Fortunately we are part of that process and our influence has no perceptible end. The pursuit of liberty and justice will continue and expand because of people, parents, like you.

  3. I fear that ths damage that #45 has done and will do will stain our country and the world long after he has gone.

  4. This coming generation is amazing.

  5. I'm right there with you.
    I'm loving all these protests.

    Too bad the people are all being paid to demonstrate.
    SAY WHAT? That may have been the most moronic thing our illustrious leader has said (so far anyway).

    1. Yeah, and shouldn't my kids have at least given me a cut?? Ingrates........

    2. I got a 10 ruble note from our state rep for our natl rep's town hall. Keeping that.

  6. 45 appeals to far too many of the peasants. His critiques of science, Latinos, etc etc have them cheering. They still believe in their own exceptionalism. It is so frightening. Fascism is here to stay. Good on your daughters.