Thursday, April 20, 2017

What I'm missing in Butte, episode 2

Been on one of the meds, seems to have some effect, hope springs eternal, eh?

Anyway, the last post......what I'm missing. The photo was taken above slightly the condo area my friend lives, and in the distance you see the burbs, miles upon miles of subdivisions, each increasing in price as one get's closer to the beach.

I actually was being a bit either ironic or sarcastic, not sure which, with the title.

I'll try again.

Here's what I'm missing in Butte:

Depending on the time and the temp, a break from the sometimes bleak midwinter of Butte is great. Here, I hear incessant traffic, there is no hour where everyone is abed, people avoid looking at each other's eyes in the markets.  Dunno, I guess it has it's attractions. 

Anyway, I'll be here a couple more weeks....I may change my mind. 



  1. Get what you say about population density. We like the central coast its for pastoral and open feeling.

  2. I grew up in a suburb and gave a oided them ever since. Odd that. I love intense city living or rural seaside.depending on the city, of course.
    Glad your meds are on top of things.


  3. Humans are very adaptable, but I am happy to live in a town and not in spreading suburbia or in a dense urban area.

  4. Who says drugs are bad for you? Hope your new meds have a salutory effect over a long term. Yes, the city does have a lot of negatives to go along with that usually good weather.

  5. Few places are without downsides. I'd love to be nearer an ocean but I love the mountains here. And when I am missing being in the country, I remember that I also like the conveniences of a close-by city.

  6. I live pretty darn close to there, but with a lot of dedicated open space. It's smack dab in the middle between Los Angeles and San Diego. We avoid both like the plague. We're upstate a bit right now (Santa Barbara) and had to drive our RV through LA. OMG! It sucked...
    I'm catching up here from old posts to new. Hoping to see some good news from you soon.