Saturday, August 12, 2017


I don't advocate, usually, violence in most forms. I do advocate being able to defend ones's self. With the president we have in office, and the maggots that feel free to crawl out from below their rocks, we better acknowledge, as my son did some posts ago, that we should be ready.  This means more than singing 'we shall overcome'.

Gandhi and MLK are not the ones we have to emulate now. We have a president, duly elected, that is giving these scum freedom to act on their base beliefs.

What we need to do, is be prepared.

My youngest shot this at around 15 yards a few years ago, a 10 shot clip. Took about 15 seconds. She got better with the last rounds. Do this, and don't put flowers in the barrels of the right wing nuts coming at you.


  1. Was just saying this. Usually the "left" is very complacent, not wanting to be seen like the others in playing dirty pool. While that has been appreciated, what happened yesterday in Charlottesville will unleash a lot of rage in those that are normally passive and wanting to use logic and discussion. The President has not once denounced the Nazis and bundled those standing up to them as problem causers too. At least now we know exactly where he stands.

  2. I hope Trump's stance on charlottesville will bite him on the arse!

  3. Mike, I doubt either side advocates putting flowers in gun barrels. But professional fighting (and those were professionals who encircled the university at midnight) needs left to professionals. We cannot shoot them randomly on the public square; neither can we defend against lunatics in speeding cars. Charlottesville is another situation fomented by a lunatic president. I need to resume activism. I walked two blocks today on rough terrain. I bet I could put that to use, going to the post office.

  4. This is the Presidents "base". And Putin is on their side, too.

  5. I agree Mike. This not a time to be complacent.
    I know that republicans (in general) believe that most liberals are "anti-gun." What most people don't know, is that a full third of NRA members are democrats.

    SoCal white supremacists are planning to stage a rally in Laguna Beach this Sunday. The "anti-fascist" group, Democratic Socialists of America-Orange County, is organizing a counter protest, that will be waiting for the scum bags to arrive. It's going to be at the main beach, which means it's going to be nightmare for anybody trying to drive through town on pacific coast highway.