Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Why did trump do a reversal, back to the original, comments on Charlotte?  I see only four possible reasons.

1. He's actually nuts.

2. He sees no consequence to his actions, because he thinks he has no consequences. 

3, He thinks his base can come through on the next election, and bring others with them. Similar to the last election.

4. It makes no difference to him, because he doesn't plan on there being another election. Witness his threats of war against other countries, Venezuela was the last, I wouldn't rule out other countries, Mexico, anyone else he thinks will work with the general populace of his constituents. I think this is the most likely of the possibilities. He plans on appointing himself president for life. He'll declare a state of emergency, for one war or another. Already a poll exists that indicates over 50% of republicans would support this. Think about this for a moment, let it sink in. We no longer want a democracy, we just want our tribe to win. What they will do, what our policies are, are of n importance. What's important is that 'we' win. 

I somehow don't think he's actually a nazi, a racist anti-Semite. I don't think he's got that intelligence to be so inclined. I think he's just a one focus nut, on himself, and has not thought anything through. His attention span is that of a 5 year old, and whomever talked to him last is what is in his brain. 

59 fucking million of you voted for him. I hope you're happy. You've elected a genuine narcissistic nut to the presidency. You've tainted the office for the foreseeable future. 


  1. I sort of agree with 3.

    He got fallout from the far white nationalist crowd his statement yesterday and then regretted having caved, so took it back.

    I've tried to be muted in my outrage about the President. No more.

  2. Saddest is the weakening of the power of the presidency. Trump's smarts are small, and I think inadequate to plan the collapse of elections. I think Robert Mueller is enjoying himself.

  3. If he doesn't declare himself King, and/or god, by the time the first term is over, he probably won't want to do another. I hope he is removed from office long before his term is up.

    I hope that all the republican office holders who have sat by and let this maniac stay in office, really regret it some day. What I really want to say about what is going on would take pages, so I tried to keep it short.
    Hope you are doing well Mike!

  4. He is unfit to serve. He is unfit for several reasons, but one of them might be enough give congress a shield to cover behind in bringing removal from office by use of the 4th section of the 25th amendment. That reason is he is unfit because he lies. His habitual lying makes it impossible to trust him and that lack of trust makes him unfit. Not hard to prove he lies---let his own words convict him. Trust is subjective, not empirical, but when you can demonstrate the scope and range of his lies you can provide evidence he is not to be trusted. Lack of trust in the commander in chief and president cannot be allowed. If you can not trust the president then he is unfit!

  5. I think you're right in that he would love to become president for life. And a sizable minority would be pleased as punch to go along with that.

  6. Well, he has lengthy financial dealings with Russian and Baltic State crooks, and I can only hope that leads to criminal prosecution. Russia is pleased as punch at all this chaos, as is Bannon, whose whole goal is to bring down the establishment. White guys will be the minority in a decade or so and there is nothing short of revolution that will stop that.

  7. If nuts includes psychopathic I' going with that...:(

  8. Dear Mike, I take no exception to your 4 numbered possibilities. I do however question your comparison of Mr. Trump's attention span to a 5-year-old --I'd place it closer to a house-fly.

    1. I get your point, Geo, but I've known some houseflies that were really focused on buzzing around me.

  9. The ignorant, pussy-grabbing, moron, should not be allowed anywhere near any government of any country on the planet. His party, such as it is, has given him free rein and now owns him. They are complicit, and up until now they have barely said anything but, "What the President MEANT to say was...blah, blah, blah." Openly demanding personal loyalty from people whose first loyalty is to the Constitution and country is obscene and absurd in a democracy. He needs to be removed from office sooner rather than later. On the other hand no agenda is getting very far so maybe that's a good thing.

  10. He will always rebel against any suggestion that his initial comments may have been wrong. He is NEVER wrong, in his mind. In my mind, what he is . . . is pathetic.

  11. You forget how bored he is. Pence maybe in at some point but he comes from a line of racists, right? He just think as his father/uncles did. Superior.


  12. I think he is indeed a racist and also a narcissist and also possibly demented.