Thursday, August 10, 2017

You heard it first from me......

In new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing election if Trump proposed it

From the SF Chronicle. It's in most of the major news.  And I saw this coming months ago. Ready for the New America, one that does not require elections?


  1. This dictatorship is going to be disappointingly easy to estanblish.

  2. Apparently they would walk over a cliff, too. This part is pure entertainment.

  3. Y'know, some of the comments remind me of what we were saying in the months before trump was elected: how ludicrous the idea of him winning was......
    A war, limited or unlimited, might enable him to simply cancel elections for the foreseeable future.
    This is a man who could care less about the people of America, it's soldiers, it's future. He cares about himself, and nothing else.

  4. It would appear Kim Jong Un is not so much Trump's adversary than his mentor.

  5. Well then, I guess half of republicans are either bat-shit crazy, dumb as a rock, or really do want to "make America white again."