Thursday, August 17, 2017

You're kidding (with update)

Now, now we've gone too far:

Seattle Mayor Murray calls for removal of Confederate monument, Lenin statue


  1. Once you get started on that path, there is no end of it. We should leave the statues in place and interpret them with additional narrative and counter them with new statues to Union or Anti Slavery leaders.
    What's poor Lenin got to do with the dispute over Confederate icons?
    We are on a dangerous slope.

    1. Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post put it succinctly in his editorial:

      "Some slippery-slope arguments are valid, but the one Trump makes is absurd. He can’t possibly be so dense that he doesn’t see a clear distinction between the men who founded this nation and those who tried to rip it apart.

      Trump may indeed not know that most of those Confederate monuments were erected not in the years right after the Civil War but around the turn of the 20th century, when the Jim Crow system of state-enforced racial oppression was being established. They symbolize not history but the defiance of history; they celebrate not defeat on the battlefield but victory in putting uppity African Americans back in their place."

  2. I thought we sorta were over pc, but it's got too big for its britches.

  3. Through the Looking Glass....


  4. Statues are for honoring people. Museums are for history. If we are not honoring the person on the statue, it is time to remove it.

  5. I think I saw that Lenin statue when we visited Seattle years back. I think it honors the city's left wing past. Or is it present.

  6. I'm surprised that there wasn't an uproar when the Lenin statue was put up. I'm glad it is serving a whimsical purpose though.

    Confederate statues put up in the early 20th century, represent nothing but hate, and an "F-you" to blacks, and northerners. "Moving" them to museums is going over the top to me, most of them should be destroyed.

    "Make America Great Again" = "Make America White Again."

  7. What a humourless and uninteresting man that senator must be.

  8. What a humourless and uninteresting man that mayor must be.