Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Thanksgiving Message to my Girls

This is the first Thanksgiving we haven't been together in some years.  It's always been our favorite holiday; the sharing of food with friends, the time together in the same room, laughing, eating, watching the younger ones.

I want you  to know that my thought will be with you, as will my love, which will last as long as you live.  It isn't limited to my life,

And no, I'm not planning on kicking off anytime soon, Christmas is coming and the first tree in years will be in the front yard, thanks to the visit from our LA friend.

Tough times now, kids. In their misguided wisdom, the american people have elected a buffoon for President; a racist, woman-disrespecting, possibly rapist, con man for the highest office in the land.

You'll get through it, you'll prevail. You'll be vindicated, and I'm not talking in terms of decades later. It could be months, or a year or two.

How do I know? Because your mom and I went through it.  Tanks in the streets of our capitol, the assassination of leaders, an Attorney General who proclaimed that "we're going to take this country so far to the right you won't recognise it." John Mitchell's wife.

We went through Nixon, and a war that was some days costing us a thousand lives, and the country we were wrongly in many thousands more. Thanks to us, the war stopped.  We came out of it victorious, even if for only a decade or so.

Perhaps that's the way it is; a cycle, ups and downs.

I agree, this 'down' seems different, we have a demagogue for president, perhaps the most unqualified and unsuited for the office ever.  You have a big fight ahead of you. But you have no choice. You are up to the task.

It's thanksgiving though, and let's be happy for each other.

All my love


  1. We have a Democracy. I have hope. And your daughters have a very special dad.

  2. Well said Mike, for all our daughters (and sons).

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Yes we will get through this.
    Lovely letter Mike.

  5. A good message to pass on. Just wait for the wheel.Me? My patience is formidable, bordering upon glacial.

  6. Thank you, Dad. You're the best. I love you. Thank you for raising us girls to raise hell.

    For all you other dads reading this, take note of my dad. I have never in all my almost-42 years doubted that I was loved beyond measure, and that my dad believed in me. Raise your girls as feminists, and never be less feminist than they are - set the bar high.

    1. Sweetpea, you and your sister are the greatest gifts bestowed on me, I include your brother there too.

      You guys carry on, keep goin' let nothing get in your way.


  7. I hope your Thanksgiving was joyous without your girls. My daughter is home from college and it's a joy to have her here. Like you, in my post yesterday, I couldn't give thanks without mentioning that demagogue

  8. Good words for all of us who live in a democracy. We shouldn't forget.

  9. That's beautiful, and I need all the words of encouragement that I can get (even vicariously) that we will get through this.

  10. I'm sure it hurts to not be together as usual.

    I do hope the union and the constitution are strong. They may need to be.