Sunday, November 13, 2016

Coincidence? I think not......

Headline from The Slate (and numerous other papers):

Trump Says He’ll Immediately Deport as Many as Three Million Peope

And from the SF Chronicle:

Hillary Clinton's lead in popular vote could grow to more than 2 million

Pack your bags, kids.....

I know, difficult to say when I'm serious or not. Well, with this bozo that some are calling the president, it's a toughie for me to decide too.
Actually, I read there are 4 million unread votes in CA alone, and I doubt most come from Drumph supporters. Imagine if Hillary  had a margin of 6 million votes ahead of the bozo. I bet he'll still try to claim a mandate of sorts. At least from the KKK. 


  1. I am sort of in suspended animation right now.

    This could end up making GW Bush look like Eugene Debs.

  2. We do not know what we got...including those who were so angry at the system that they voted for the devil. He is neither Republican or Democrat and he loves to leave people hanging...on his every word!

  3. For an alternative view, here's a link. Alas, the poor boy does not allow comments, from something I've said in the past. But, here's the other side of the story:

  4. Why am I thinking, "Nixon's the one," as if it were a good thing?

    1. I got that sticker just after he resigned, in late summer '73.

  5. I'm still in shock...
    I'm also petrified about what is coming.