Monday, November 21, 2016

Pre-Thanksgiving visit

My friend L. from LA was here for a short weekend visit. We had a pleasant time, one day taking a drive north of town towards Moulton Reservoir.

The view from the beginning of the dirt Moulton Rd, back over Butte.

The view North

What I had hope to show her, but we didn't see it. Picture from a previous year:

That evening I made a 5 spice Chinese style duck.  It was excellent with wild rice and salad.

I'm spending Thanksgiving here in Montana this year, instead of my traditional trip over to Seattle. Hope this finds all well and if not happy at least coming to terms with things. 


  1. The duck looks great Mike. Any chance you can post the recipe and/or spices?

  2. Is roasting duck any different than roasting chicken?

  3. The duck looks delicious. Share your recipe, please.

  4. Will do, next post day or so. Bit of prep time, but simple and so much better than chicken.

  5. That duck looks wonderful, Mike. Have a happy thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mike!