Sunday, November 27, 2016

The New Reich, and a bit of a rant

Been three weeks, we've all had time to consider. 

Even to those of you that are Trump supporters, you have to have started just bit of queasiness, right? Ok, I'm not referring to the very few readers who do want all Muslims out of the country, the former slaves of a different color put back to the back of the bus. I'm talking to I guess first those who read this, and about 7% comment from the percentage that read, who voted for trump. You can comment anonymous, you should notice. The people who voted for trump going 'hell yes', let me say: fuck you. I've served this country, and paid more in taxes that your whole effing block, so get screwed. I'd like to talk to what I assume are the very few who might have voted otherwise. 

Here we have a president who, so far, refuses to answer questions. From the press, our only source of back and forth with elected officials. BTW, 'tweets', whatever the hell they  are, are not communication with your subjects. They are phlegm of misinformation, spat over the internet, to your followers. Which, you might notice mr trump, is around 2 million fewer than those that like you. You have no mandate, fool.

We have a new leader who may actually be a criminal, before attaining office. He may well be a rapist, a serial sexual assaulter, and......I was talking to someone who is knowledgeable about the pathology, and they said his wife and youngest daughter fit the behavior of abused people. So, maybe, our new president is guilty of some serious crimes. 

Thing is, even if any of this is true, the real true, true believers out there would say "I don't care." 

It's why the white supremacists are crawling out from under rocks now. Call themselves 'Alt Right'. Still means Nazi. 

It's why the KKK has reached unprecedented in 100 years, recruitment. 

His 'denounces' of these groups comes with a wink and a smirk. 

We got ourselves a whole new ball game, folks. 

And a whole bunch of assholes out there are all for it. 


  1. I'm scared to death of how this will all end. I still can't believe he won the election. I thought we were better than this.

    1. Afraid it will take effort and money from our pocket to end, Jennifer. The Koch brothers, the GOP, the NRA, on and on have put billions of dollars into this, and how to implement it.

      Thought, righteous belief, indignation, blustering our leftish beliefs ain't gonna cut it.

      They put their money where their mouths are, and now are talking.

      We got two ways to deal with this. One is revolution, which ain't gonna happen in this here USA. We're long past that point.

      The other is your pocketbook.

      Look back a couple of my posts, on the 'take five minutes and read this'...or something like that.

      Otherwise, look forward to being another Russia, on steroids. Closest thing out there now to what trump will turn us into.

  2. I agree with David Remnick, the editor of New Yorker who says we should not "normalize" a Trump election and simply accept this election as routine. It is not for and you note some of the reasons why. We cannot just move into a Trump administration and forget the things he did and said.

    I have a special interest in the KKK. I covered them and other hate groups for more than 40 years. During their last resurgence my documentary KLAN won a national Emmy Award. One frightening take away from that project is that racism is passed from one generation to the next. As we witness a rebound in Klan membership and other signs of a resurgence in racism, white supremacist and anti Semitic behavior we must painfully know this behavior will be reflected in future generations as well. The Trump campaign encouraged these cretins to crawl out of dark spaces to bring their poison into the body politic. We cannot let that fact be eclipsed or forgotten.

    1. Tom, I wish you would re-issue this in some fashion, I don't know you could get it back on the alternate movie gig, but get it out there somehow.
      This has just barely started, and it's already scary.

      You see the guy he's looking at for Homeland Security???? A genuine black white supremacist!

  3. Mike, you've nailed it, even though it's nebulous so far --alt right definition is still underway. But there's hope, not for a quick solution but an eventual one. In the 1930's, my mother was a high school teacher in Oklahoma. She came from large family involved in the KKK. By 1938 she was so outraged that her state laws prevented female teachers from marrying and all teachers from teaching black students that she came west to Berkeley, California, to personal freedom --and incidentally (lucky for me!) met my father. There were many thousands of similarly happy escapes from the south that predated troop-enforced civil rights dramas by 25 years. But there's the rub: 25 years. Is that how long it takes to get rid of bad ideas --finally at gunpoint? Segregation is certainly in the alt-right program --a program that wants civil rights set back 50-60 years. I'm afraid too, having lived in the illusion that our country could never be that stupid again.

    1. Those were the generation that first fought back in an organized fashion, at least some of them. Berkeley was one of the best examples of the lot.

      It's going to be our kids that have to fight this, and probably our grandkids. And it's our fucking fault. We've let foster, in our midst, making excuses for them or for our inaction that have let this newest creation of evil crawl out from underground.

      "I don't want to offend him/her" just don't make it anymore. It needs to be called out, whether in real life or these blogs.

      Ending a statement with something like "those in the know will realize I'm just trying to provoke people.." are not an excuse for racism, or any of the bullshit that passes for alt right 'truth'.

  4. I see the spread of this virulent hatred up here too Mike. Unleashed as it were in the mispelt scrawls of the cretins on mosques and temples in Ottawa and Montreal.
    Fight on!

    1. You guys have a much better chance with your PM then our sorry excuse for a leader

  5. What has weighed heavily on my mind in the last couple of weeks is your last sentence: "And a whole bunch of assholes out there are all for it." It's even worse than that. There are a whole bunch of good people (by most measures) out there who are also all for it. These are people who are generous and kind within the tribe. They don't exude hate and don't see themselves as racist. Over the years I've relied on many of them; they've been good neighbors. They would think I'm naive to trust any brown-skinned person who is not already well-known in the community (who doesn't "act white"). They know little about Muslims except what they've seen on TV. Six months ago I had respect for these neighbors and friends. That respect is gone now.

    1. I'm afraid that being downwind of the ovens at Buchenwald and being told it was a bakery does not excuse one's self from complicity and reflected views.

  6. Someone above used the word, "unleashed". It's a good word for the hate that's being spewed. I don't think this is going to be a challenge for you, but for some of us who don't often speak out, who try to stay neutral, be polite, etc, we need to wake up, stay alert, and, like the New Yorker and others have said, don't normalize what's happening. It's not politics as usual.

  7. I hate that I feel the way I do about people right now.

    The ass-hat isn't even in office yet, and he's offended both India and China. I'm not say if that is good or bad, but Trump doesn't even have a clue relating to how much he doesn't know.