Saturday, August 27, 2011

Signs I saw on a recent road trip

A week ago, I got back from a road trip, 2400 miles. Down I15, over to Boise, west to Vale, on to Burns, Bend, where I visited the kinfolk, up on Century Drive, on to Hiway 58, past Odell lake, over to the coast, down to the Rogue, up the Rogue to Grants Pass, Medford, east to K-Falls, Lakeview, Hart Mtn, Frenchglen, and north clear up to WA, ID, and back home. Anyway, here are three signs I saw.
The first, in Southern Oregon, on the large sign outside a small gas/convenience store:
Cold Ass Beer
The next, on a actual state highway sign
Winding Road Next 99 Miles
The last was in Idaho, a very small billboard, with a badly-done drawing of a snarling wolf

This deserves some comment, I believe. Poaching is broadly defined as the illegal taking of an animal, in violation of state, national or local laws. This brings up some interesting issues....are wolves bound by law? Do they have hunting seasons? Are they going to have to work at Burger King to get the money for license and tags??
Well, you kids settle this among yourselves. Meanwhile, I'm confident the Idaho Fish and Game will be out there getting search warrants, and reading wolves their Miranda Rights.