Saturday, April 22, 2017

Somewhere in the crowd...

Are my daughters, I'd like to be with them.

The were not alone, scientists across the globe participated, including a 97 year old Nobel Laureate, Eddie Fischer, 97, 1992 winner of Nobel prize in Medicine, as saying "Damn right I'm in this". 

Somewhere, someday, truth will out. People will stop believing everything that comes out of a demagogue's mouth, and discover critical thinking. We'll stop believing that skin color makes us different, that sex determines anything except who can bear a child. Someday. I won't be there, but some of you younger ones might. Maybe, just maybe. If you work harder and smarter than we did. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

What I'm missing in Butte, episode 2

Been on one of the meds, seems to have some effect, hope springs eternal, eh?

Anyway, the last post......what I'm missing. The photo was taken above slightly the condo area my friend lives, and in the distance you see the burbs, miles upon miles of subdivisions, each increasing in price as one get's closer to the beach.

I actually was being a bit either ironic or sarcastic, not sure which, with the title.

I'll try again.

Here's what I'm missing in Butte:

Depending on the time and the temp, a break from the sometimes bleak midwinter of Butte is great. Here, I hear incessant traffic, there is no hour where everyone is abed, people avoid looking at each other's eyes in the markets.  Dunno, I guess it has it's attractions. 

Anyway, I'll be here a couple more weeks....I may change my mind. 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What I'm missing by living in Butte

Saw the EP Cardio guy here, impressed me quite a bit.  He went over the tests and info that Swedish had sent him, kudo's to Swedish for being so thorough. The procedure I thought might be done turned out to not be optimum for me, it's an ablation of a portion of the ventricle where the miscreant beats were originating. Alas, I have more than one area, as I had been led to believe. I have at least three, which renders me not the optimum patient.

He does have some suggestions on a couple meds, one I've started, another I'm going to clear with the Swedish docs who are still in charge, if anyone is, with my care. So it's not a wasted trip at all.

I'm staying with a good friend here, won't go back to Butte for a few weeks.

Here's what I'm missing by living in an area that has snow when others are enjoying warmer climes:

I might pick my home instead, but ask me when it's hitting a minus 40, maybe I'll change my mind. 

Cheers all

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My kind of protest

Might be new to some....

In LA, OC actually, still on my magical mystery tour of cardiology land. Might know more after tomorrow. 

Cheers to all. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Springtime

Sometimes, it doesn't go as planned, weather-wise.  Today....trucks having some issues just west of town..

Heading to LA on Monday, will post from the beach. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Slander, and obvious innocence

The Adorable One, my granddaughter, fixing a cake for University of Washington football fans....wearing her University of Oregon dress. Some people have said she looks suspicious. That's ridiculous. Have you ever seen such innocence?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Unintended Consequences

I've posted several times about my mendacious senator daines (r-mt), remember some months ago when he interrupted Senator Warren, citing a arcane rule. I don't remember if it was him or the equally obnoxious ryan who came up with the statement afterwards, in an attempt to explain.

It's become a symbol, and an excuse to post another picture of my granddaughter, The Adorable One:

As her mother will attest, it applies to her in more ways than one.