Dumas Brothel
The Dumas Brothel, 45 E. Mercury St, has had several owners over the years. Current owners Michael Piche and Travis Eskelsen purchased the property in 2012 and later began operating it as a museum. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was an operating bordello from 1890 to 1982.
Annie Pentilla, The Montana Standard
The owners of the Dumas Brothel in Uptown Butte hope to sell a duplex and use the proceeds to pay off $64,000 they still owe on a $67,000 loan they got from the Urban Revitalization Agency.
The agency’s board agreed to the plan Tuesday, giving owners Michael Piche and Travis Eskelsen 90 days from the time of listing to sell a duplex at 409 W. Mercury St. and make good on the loan.