Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 spice Chinese duck

A couple requests from last blog prompted this. I'm happy to do it, the original is not mine, I just do a couple extra things that I think add value.

I have to say, though, that it seems so trivial to be swapping fowl recipes when our country is about to be taken over by nazi's, and nearly 48 percent of the voting populace are willing accomplices.

My daughters have been affected by this, one is a TA at a university, and has been verbally assaulted by 'alt right' students, aka nazi's, for her liberal stances.

Anyway, on with the recipe.

I assume you can't get a freshly shot wild bird. So get a frozen one. Walmart has a good selection usually.

Thaw, then put in a brine, I use only salt, about one cup per 3 gallons. In the thawed bird one will usually find a orange sauce. Throw away.  Reserve neck and giblets and especially liver. Leave brining in fridge or outside if safe, overnight.

Dry thoroughly. Paper towels, over and over. Put uncovered in fridge for a few hours.

Soy sauce
5 spice chinese powder
sesame oil
bit of salt
Chile flakes, or chopped fresh, however you like.

you'll have to experiment with volumes. I usually start with a quarter cup soy, half that honey, couple teaspoons 5 spice, etc. you won't end up with a paste, just a thick liquid. Go easy on the salt, just a pinch, the soy adds a lot. I tend to use a teaspoon or more of the red chili flakes. I like a bit of heat.

Truss legs at the bottom. I use those plastic ties that let you form a loop and tighten.

Oven at 375

Brush breast side and inside thoroughly, put in baking pan on rack breast side down.

Brush top and back of bird thoroughly, pouring any excess over the bird.

Cook around 35 minutes, turn and cook the same again. Should be golden to dark brown.

Take out and let set for 10 minutes, carve, getting your fingers messy to get all the good stuff hidden near the bone.

Serve with wild rice, good crusty bread, whatever.

Oh, on the neck, liver and giblets. 

Neck and giblets, simmer in water and make a nice broth, great for cooking rice. The wild rice is especially good after soaked and simmered in this. 

The liver.....salt and pepper, coat well with flour, and saute on high heat for 30 seconds on each side, olive oil or butter, serve on toast points. Delicious. Tender, melts in your mouth. 

cheers, with less cheerful stuff later. 

I don't know exactly what to be thankful for in this season. My kids of course, the fact I'm still alive, etc. And that the brown shirts haven't started marching in the streets, rounding up first one group after another. 



  1. I believe more of us are alive who do not remember brown shirts than not. A rude shock awaits.

    1. And PS--Laura was taunted back at school after the elections for her stand. It quieted down after the first day, but I am keeping a close eye on it.

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  2. The wife doesn't like duck. Wonder if this would work with a chicken as well.

    1. Does, actually. Tried it on some chicken thighs, didn't brine, but all else. Tucked the seasoning under the skin as well as coating the top. Quite tasty. Thgough the duck was better.

  3. Thanks for the recipe Mike. A nice distraction from the sad state of affairs.