Friday, June 24, 2022


 Today in America


  1. Don give young on. We know who they are they carried ther racist stars and bars flag into of American democracy and tried an failed to overturn it the traitors. We beat them long ago and shall again

  2. Thanks for reading my almost unreadable post on Madison between my essential tremors and the loss of my wife and editor as well as being 80+ grammar and spelling is the problem on the plus side other than tremors and vertigo my vitals are all good and a former close in age student of mine has accepted my high school letter jaccket which proclaimed smile were actuaally going to study life is good especially the thought that the it seems no longer impossible that the leader of the Confederate racists may actually learn that he is not above the law so if we could turn back a little in time and see a traitor to his country hung I wouldn't watch it on television but I certainly would be pleased. Ray