Thursday, December 1, 2016

Addendum, last post, geese:

In a release today, the paper and in an earlier memo, the EPA, existence doubtful, said all the snow geese that landed on the Berkeley Pit are dead. Some flew off, one can only imagine what happened to them. One wonders about the hunter, south of here, who went home to the family, held up the goose and said "Guess what we're having for dinner tomorrow!"  "Yay!"  the kids clapped, "We love goose!"  (this may be far-fetched now, when I was a kid I loved goose.)

One wonders about the effects.....high mercury, lead levels in the meat. The effect on the consumers, how long will that take.

How many geese got off in flight? Thousands landed, they said. They can't count the dead because of problems with getting out on the water. Maybe a few hundred, or maybe a thousand flew off after 24 plus hours drinking and exposure to the super contaminated water. Where or where did they go?

Yeah, we don't need the EPA, do we?